"Golden Hour at Great Falls” 2019 Virginia State Travel Guide & National Parks Week promotion. 

“Shaprtop Autumn Day” Virginia.org/Promotional, Oct 2019

“Fire & Ice at Marblehead” Great Lakes Boating Magazine, Apr 2018 

“East Tennessee Beauty” Blue Ridge Country Magazine,  July/Aug 2018 (30th Anniversary Edition)  

“Metaphor” WNC Magazine,  Jan/Feb 2019 

“A Walk at Sharptop” State of Virginia Promotional, 2020 Virginia State Travel Guide

"Supper Time" Blue Ridge Country Magazine, May/June 2019

"Autumn Day Skyline Drive" Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Sept/Oct 2019 

"Fiery, Sharptop Mountain"  Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Nov/Dec 2019 

"The Essence of Winer 2" Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Jan/Feb 2020, inside cover)

“Metaphor" BRC Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Guide Cover 2020

“Metaphor" Blue Ridge Country Magazine May/June 2020 

"Fiery 2, Sharptop Mountain" Smith Mountain Lake Travel Guide 2020, full spread 

"Blue Hole" Blue Ridge Country Magazine July/August 2020 

"Elakala Falls" Blue Ridge Country Magazine July/August 2020 

"Days Gone" Blue Ridge Country Magazine Sept/Oct 2020

"Looking Glass Inversion" Blue Ridge Country Magazine Nov/Dec 2020, inside cover
“Sharptop Hike”
 “October with Polly” 
 “Autumn Mornings in Shenandoah” 
Virginia Tourism Company, future publications, November 2020 

"West Virginia Winter" Blue Ridge Country Magazine Jan/Feb 2021

"Appalachian Forest" Blue Ridge Country Magazine March/April 2021 

"Spring Storms" Blue Ridge Country Magazine March/April 2021, full spread

"Day Trip, Appalachian Trail” 2021 Virginia State Travel Guide 

"Butterly at Soco" Blue Ridge Country Magazine May/June 2021 

"Almost Heaven" Blue Ridge Country Magazine Sept/October 2021 

"Cathedral Falls"  Blue Ridge Country Magazine Cover  Jan/Feb 2022 

"Black Water Canyon"  Blue Ridge Country Magazine  March/April 2022, full spread   

"Keeping Black Water Canyon Green"  Blue Ridge Country Magazine Cover  March/April 2022 

"Peaks of Otter"  Be Ridge Country Magazine Cover  May/June 2022 

"Falls of Hills Creek"  Blue Ridge Country Magazine Cover  Sept/Oct 2022 

"Shenandoah" Full Spread  Blue Ridge Country Magazine Sept/Oct 2022 

"Shenandoah"  Northern Shenandoah Travel Guide Cover Sept/Oct 2022

"Mountains" Superior Visa Debit/Credit Card Coming late 2022 Early 202

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