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April 4, 2024 Snow over Blackwater

March 14, 2024 - Warmer weather has me thinking about greener days. Here is 1 of 2 images from an upcoming publication. This image was published a few years back as well if it looks familiar. It is located in Shenandoah National Park.

March 1, 2024 - ICE

February 23, 2024 - Shay 5 in the snow. A rare sight so I thought I would share another image from Cass WV. 

February 20, 2024 - Evening glow at Seneca. 

The Legend of Seneca Rocks: The only daughter of chief Bald Eagle and his wife, White Rock, was Snow Bird. As a young girl she played at the base of these towering rocks, often gazing at their topmost peaks and longing to be able to climb to the tallest of them. As a young woman, she became the most beautiful of all the maidens of the Senecas. Her rank and beauty brought many men from her tribe and neighboring tribes courting her. The rivalry caused her to face the serious problem of choosing a mate. When the day arrived to choose a mate, seven young warriors, all suitors for the hand of the Seneca princess, assembled in an open space and arranged themselves in a semi-circle facing the mighty rocks. The faint-hearted had dropped from the contest, not daring to face the ordeal to which they were sure they would be subjected. Silence reigned on all sides. This rush of expectancy was on all until the beautiful Princess Snow Bird clad in the royal garb of her tribe, moved swiftly and gracefully into the circle and faced her lovers. She lifted her hand and silence fell upon the assembled. Ever since I was a little girl, I have watched yonder rocks push their rugged summits into the heavens and many times I have longed to be able to climb to their topmost crags. There have I spent the happiest, the most enjoyable days of my life. Of all the Seneca Indians, I am the only one who has accomplished the feat. One day, about a moon past, I decided upon a contest, a trial of bravery and endurance. You will soon engage in this contest, and to the successful one of you, I will give my hand, my heart and my life."
Princess Snow Bird set out on the journey, followed by the seven braves. Upward they climbed, the sure-footed maiden always leading. As the climb became more and more difficult, three of the seven turned back, dispirited and disappointed. Another followed to the fifth pinnacle and then wearied of the
struggle and gave up. A fifth man crumpled in a heap near the same pinnacle and was rescued from death by the fourth, who led him back to safety. The two that remained followed closely in the footsteps of the maiden. Finally, with renewed determination, they set out on the last and most dangerous stretch of the journey, the maiden as always, in the lead. At last she reached the summit and turned to look for her most persistent suitor. He was only a few feet below her. In this moment of waiting, his foot slipped on the ledge of rock. The maiden hesitated for a fraction of a second. Was he not the bravest and strongest of the Senecas? Where would she ever find his equal? So with the alertness and strength of her young arms, she caught the falling brave and drew him to safety and to herself. Long they sat together talking of their future, and then as darkness approached, the two lovers descended by the trail at the rear of the gigantic rocks. They stood before Chief Bald Eagle and White Rock. The great chief conferred upon his newfound son-in-law the authority to become his successor as chief of the tribe.

November 18, 2023 - Gales of November 

October 27, 2023 - Sitting here in the Blue Ridge working on the side of a mountain on a couple of photography projects. I came across this image. It’s hard to believe that across the valley in the Allegheny Mountains in some spots they already reached peak foliage about a month ago. This pictures was taking shortly after and conditions are now about the same. 
October 15,  2023 - Autumn flow Allegheny Mountains
October 10, 2023- The definition of Country Roads. I captured this image on Saturday, by Monday most of the leaves had falling. A light dusting of snow could even be found. This is my favorite stone road. 
October 8 , 2023 Lima Pacific Coast Shay 2 in WV captured on a beautiful fall morning this weekend.
October 6, 2023 - Peak foliage in Tucker County WV on Friday. 
Sept 17, 2023 Sunflowers down in the Great Valley in Virginia. 
Sept 7, 2023 Summer Bliss on the Parkway.

Aug 27, 2023 - My favorite place in Autumn colors. Gearing up for several photography outings late summer and fall. 

Aug 20, 2023 - Rosebay rhododendrons at Blackwater. 

August 8, 2023 - Summer Shenandoah National Park.

8-4-2023 - I am taking a short brake in August from photography preparing for a busy late summer and Fall where I plan to be out in the field for 23 full days.  Here is a favorite unshared image in rural Virginia from last year.

7-26-2023 Between Mountains.

July 24- 2023 Last month on the parkway.
June-22-2023 My 2024 Prof Calendar has arrived! https://nicholasmoore.net/2024-calendar
June-21-2023 - Quintessence 
June 16, 2023 - Last week was my first time stoping at Looking Glass Falls since the hurricane a few years ago changed the stream.

June 12, 2023 Rhododendron Supreme 

June 11, 2023 - Late spring Green in the Blue Ridge Mountains
June 10, 2023.-  Day 9 of my Rhododendron photography outing!
May 20, 2023 Blue Ridge Mountains Pano at Golden Hour.

May 9, 2013 - Legendary Lima Shay 5 at Cass makes its way up the mountain on the S.

April 17, 2023- I came across this image today while working on a project for the mag.
April 14, 2023 - Sorry for the inactivity I have been busy getting stuff ready for what I consider the start of my new photography season. Pictured is one of the most popular and easily accessible falls in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
March 28, 2023 - Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina Blue Hour.
March 20, 2023 - I captured this image of the Marblehead Lighthouse to use for a potential project. The lighthouse is 200 years old.
March 13, 2023 - OLE Shenandoah

March 1, 2023 - The Great Smoky Mountains,  NC

Feburary-28-2023 - Fair Lady
Feb 21, 2023 - I have been inactive on my posts the past few days shooting in Shenandoah. It was nice but not a successful photography outing, and that is how it goes way more often then not. Here is a past image, that is more artsy then what would normally appear on my normal website gallery. Hopefully I will start to share more stuff like this that I have acquired via this page. 
February 14, 2023 - It is still Winter. However there are some flowers blooming on both ends of the Blue Ridge, already! which has me excited for Rhododendron season.
February 11, 2023  - It was an adventure to reach this waterfall in the recent Winter storm. Between the road being partially washed out due the the beaver dam changing the direction of a small creek down the the middle of the road and the combination of snow. Finally when I reached the area near the decent I noticed that several people contemplated going down but did not due the sink holes from the retaining wall being covered with snow. I had come this far so I used my tripod to check my footing and went for it.
February 7, 2023 - Well it’s still Winter… I am dreaming of rhododendrons in the Blue Ridge. For now here is an image that I am debating about putting on my main website.
February 6, 2023 - I am excited to share my credit card image. The credit card will soon be available at Superior Credit Union as both a Credit and Debit Cards. Superior is the 4th largest CU in the state of Ohio with over a billion in assets. Basically if you live on the western side of Ohio or Columbus,  in Boone, Campbell, Kenton counties in Kentucky; Dearborn county in Indiana; or Monroe in Michigan you likely could get one if you are, or become a member of Superior and qualify.

February 3,2023 - One of my favorite waterfalls dressed up for Winter.

Feb 2, 2023 - Todays Post is one that wouldn't normally make it to my website and it's also the first one not to appear on my instagram. Here we are visiting the northern Blue Ridge Mountains on a warmer than average winter evening on the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah. 
Jan 30, 2023 - Todays post takes us to the northern section of WV. I have already captured more snow photos this year then all of last year. This is a 2 min exposure, non stacked.  This image will make it into the 2024 Calendar for a winter month. 
Jan 19, 2023 -  A beautiful morning at the mill in WV. I wanted to photograph this differently vs the traditional beautiful yet way over done view down the stream for my main image. I captured a similar version of this image back in Autumn. Loved the 2 benches in the snow and framing the mill between the two trees worked well making the image appeasing to the eye.
 Jan 17, 2023 -  POST #1 The last few days I have been traveling around the central and northern parts of West Virginia for some Winter photography. Here is an image from last night.