It seems like every Autumn I come here and end up falling into the creek. Luckily its not deep on this side of the dam. I always struggle with leveling the dam with the desired composition. This image was captured from the middle of the creek on a large stone so that the moving water would not vibrate the tripod. This is a 25-second exposure with a 10 stop ND filter and was taken during early evening (golden-hour light) near Mile Marker 60 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
"Recreational opportunities here include hiking, camping, picnicking and fishing. An accessible fishing pier on Otter Lake provides opportunities for visitors with impaired mobility to fish for warm water species. A pedestrian walkway connects the James River Visitor Center with restored Battery Creek Lock from the Kanawha Canal.
James River is the Parkway’s the lowest elevation (650 feet above sea level) and a historic transportation route through the mountains, represents a major geological (water gap) and cultural component of the Blue Ridge section of Virginia.
The 3.5-mile Otter Creek Trail follows the creek from the Otter Creek Campground down to the James River Visitor Center. The trail can also be accessed from overlooks at MP 61.4, 62.5 and 63.1. At the visitor center, the James River Canal Trail will take you to the restored James River and Kanawha Canal Lock that was built between 1845-51. When completed the canal had 90 locks and went from Richmond to Buchanan, Virginia." -Blue Ridge Parkway Association 

"Autumn on Otter Creek , Virginia" ©

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