Marblehead Lighthouse is most likely Lake Erie's most-photographed landmark. It is without a doubt Erie’s most popular lighthouse. Marblehead means “marble headland,” because limestone is sometimes incorrectly called marble. This Image is featured in the April 2018 edition of Great Lakes Boating Magazine.
Fire and Ice at Marblehead Light, Ohio ©
“Marblehead Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes has guided sailors safely along the rocky shores of Marblehead Peninsula since 1822. Through history, 15 lighthouse keepers, two of whom were women, have tended the beacon. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has maintained the property surrounding the lighthouse since 1972 and proudly accepted ownership of the Marblehead Lighthouse tower in May 1998. The U.S. Coast Guard continues to operate and maintain the lighthouse beacon today." -ODNR Division of Ohio State Parks. Visit their website for more information regarding the light:

Tip: When visiting during the summer. Make a day of it. If Marblehead Light is Ohio’s best sunrise location then Lorain Light about an hour down the road is the states best sunset location. You could spend the in-between time on Kelly’s island and enjoy a ferry ride or on the pier at Lorain Harbor watching the ships come in.
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